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Blue Line Futures is a futures & commodities brokerage firm that only sees the trader in you.

Our aim is to make futures & commodities trading accessible to all, more streamlined than ever and complimented with the best technology and most thorough research.

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We are dedicated to putting the customer first by bringing you strong customer service, consistent and reliable proprietary research and state of the art technology. We want to make reaching your trading goals become an easier task.

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With Blue Line Futures, you are equipped with world-class trading tools and powerful enterprise level platforms. We scale cutting-edge technology to fit in the palm of your hand.

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Our content features extensive market research, mid-day market updates, trade alerts, data analytics and more. You always have access to comprehensive detail of our featured markets.

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With a Blue Line Futures account, you have access to a library of trading courses, educational content and our very own crash courses based on your trading experience. Check it out here.

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Using our trading platforms - Blue Line Edge and Blue Line Edge Plus, you can start trading right away. Pair these powerful tools with our research, educational content & market updates. See more here.

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Our leading brokerage solutions offer a flexible and customizable approach to trading. Let our Chicago-based trade desk help you achieve your trading goals. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here's a few common ones that might help.

There are multiple benefits to trading futures over normal stocks.
  • Futures are highly leveraged investments.
    An investor can expose themselves to greater value of stocks than buying the actual stock by putting in margins - a fraction of the total amount. For example, if an investor invests $1250 into a stock XYZ priced at $125, they can either buy 10 stocks or a future contract holding 100 XYZ stocks (10% margin for 100 stocks: $1250). If there was a $10 increase in XYZ, if the investor invested in the stock, they would gain $100 whereas if they took a position in an XYZ future contract, their profit would be $1000.
  • Futures markets are very liquid.
    Future contracts are traded in high numbers every day making futures very liquid. Market orders are placed extremely quickly, prices do not fluctuate as drastically and many futures markets trade beyond traditional market hours and can even be 24/7.
  • We're here to make it easier!
    Our trading solutions fit all shapes and sizes. You could be a novice, want hands-on help and education to learn how to trade futures and/or options. Maybe you want someone to bounce ideas off of from time to time. We also cater to self-directed traders and professionals looking for a low cost, low latency solution.
Want to learn more about futures? Head over to our Education page and go over a quick course!

Any amount of experience is fine! We work with traders ranging from novice to professional and our trade desk works as much or as little as needed with our clients. You can learn more by visiting our Brokerage Solutions or Contact Us for more information!

At Blue Line Futures, we work on making your futures trading experience as streamlined as possible through quality customer service, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive, rich research.
  • Blue Line Edge
    When you sign up with Blue Line Futures, you are able to demo our powerful trading tool, Blue Line Edge, and tailor your trading experience to your preferences. This feature-rich application is available on all devices and puts you at Edge in the market. Learn more about it here.
  • Research
    Our proprietary market research is rich, comprehensive and opportunistic. We keep you updated with the latest market updates, in-depth market analysis and takes from our professionals at the trade desk. You can check out our insights here or Sign up for a Free 2-Week Trial of our Research here.
  • Education
    Learn and develop your trading skills with Blue Line Futures. We provide a comprehensive catalog of educational material, including courses with trackable progress. We offer special crash courses for Novice, Intermediate and Professional traders so that you can strengthen your base and expand your knowledge to use it your advantage in the markets. Head over to education here.
  • Brokerage Solutions
    Our trade desk offers solutions ranging from hands-off to self-directed. Once you have an account with us, you can pick what suits your own style, time dedication to markets etc. . Our trade desk is available for consultation at any point during our business hours. See more here or get in touch with us here.

Yes, on the brokerage side you are able to participate in our Blue Line Trade Alerts our Ag Alerts program, both of which provide you with automatic execution. With a limited risk approach, we are able to execute options/futures strategy on your behalf automatically! Check out our brokerage solutions here.

Also, our sister wealth management arm, Blue Line Capital, is a wealth management company that caters to individuals, family offices and funds to funds looking to allocate capital in the wealth management space. We fully manage those funds under our discretion.

Yes, we would be more than happy to talk and help you in the most suitable way! You can always email us at [email protected] or call us at (312) 278-0500 Feel free to pick our brains -- the vast experience of our experts has helped us to develop unmatched service and industry leading trading solutions.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer them!

Meet The Team

Here's the rockstar team working hard to streamline futures & commodities trading and research.

Bill Baruch
President & Founder
Oliver Sloup
VP & Co-Founder
Phillip Streible
Chief Market Strategist
Billy Vinci
VP, Sales
Ryan Gorman
Market Strategist
Naveed Hussain
Software Engineer Intern
Jannis Meindl
Marketing Intern

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Our physical office is located in the Chicago Board of Trade. We stay close to the action and immerse ourselves in a city of innovative financial technology.

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