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Introduction to Futures

New to futures or looking for a refresher? This course is designed for you. Dive into the basics of futures contracts, how contracts trade on a futures exchange and much more.

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The Benefits of Futures

Discover 8 advantages you can enjoy from day one and more when you insert futures into your trading strategy in this easy-to-complete, multi-part online course.

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Futures vs ETFs

The similarities and differences between futures and ETFs. Learn about the benefits of futures including margin & capital efficiency, tax considerations, and market liquidity.

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Introduction to Options

Today’s markets are full of options. Get acquainted with the basic fundamentals, strategy and vocabulary of our options markets to tackle these markets.

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Option Strategies

An integral part of a trader’s routine, learn about common option strategies utilized by traders that express their view of market direction and expected volatility.

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Option Greeks

Gain a basic understanding of how “the Greeks” are integral to managing a portfolio of options - including changes in the underlying price, interest rates, expected volatility etc.

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Trading and Analysis

You’ll explore the differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis and the difference between trending and anti-trending markets and more.

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Technical Analysis

In this course, you will learn about the various patterns, indicators, and analysis techniques traders use when studying the price of a commodity. Read charts and learn.

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Fundamental Analysis

A trader using fundamental analysis to inform their decisions is looking at how supply and demand could move price, now and in the future. Learn how to here.

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Micro WTI Crude Oil Futures

Learn about a smaller and more precise instrument for managing crude oil price exposure that is 1/10 the size of WTI futures, the global crude oil benchmark.

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Micro Treasury Yields Futures

Explore Micro Treasury Yield futures, innovating how you trade interest rate markets with contracts based directly on yields of 2- 5-, 10-, and 30-year treasuries.

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Micro Bitcoin Futures

Learn about Micro Bitcoin futures, a cost-efficient way to manage bitcoin risk that offers the same benefits of Bitcoin futures in a smaller contract size.

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Micro FX Futures

Trade deeply liquid FX markets for a portion of the upfront financial commitment required for standard futures with our Micro FX products.

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Micro Gold & Silver Futures

These contracts offer less capital commitment, lower margin, and smaller exchange fees than the larger-sized Gold and Silver futures contracts.

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