Blue Line Futures brings you cutting-edge, innovative technology solutions.


Blue Line Futures features a cutting-edge tech stack to ensure you are always at advantage when tackling the market. We scale powerful enterprise tools for our users to use and benefit from. Our powerful trading platform, Blue Line Edge, encompasses a variety of features that streamline and improve your trading experience.

Advanced Charts & Analytics
Hybrid Order Tickets
Rapid HTML-5 & Websocket Data
Quotes & Quote Boards
RSS News Feeds
Cross-Platform Compatibility


Our developers are dedicated towards creating useful tools and delivering the latest technology to our clients. Our research is based on analysis from large volumes of market data. Everyday, we work with data to create innovative approaches for futures trading.

Historical Data Studies
AI & Machine Learning
Trading Algorithms


Our site is designed to put you first. All of our data is secured through encryption methods and safe data storage. Blue Line Futures never sees your sensitive data, only you do.